Sea and beaches

Podere Nonno Gino is located in Franciana area, right in the middle of the traditional Costa degli Etruschi. You can spend your time discovering the appeal of the Tuscan Maremma, between archaeological sites and natural parks or enjoying the sun on the white sandy beaches.

San Vincenzo

San Vincenzo Toscana
San Vincenzo has 12 kilometres of “Blue flagged” white sandy beaches surrounded by Mediterranean scrubland. Some of the most popular beaches are the Conchiglia, Principessa and Rimigliano; the latter has also a naturist area.

What to do

  • From San Vincenzo, you can easily reach the beautiful Baratti Gulf
  • Cycle on the Via Della Principessa (The Princess Route)
  • Discover 120 hectares of immaculate pine grove at Rimigliano Park
  • Dine out in one of the superb restaurants at the touristic port

Interesting facts

The coastal road that connects Piombino and San Vincenzo (SP23) is known as “Via Della Principessa” (The Princess Route) as it was used by Napoleon’s sister, Marianna Bonaparte, to get around her properties in the Principality of Piombino.


Follonica in Maremma
The area between Piombino and Punta Ala is a string of bays and beaches. Carbonifera beach is one of the most popular beaches in the area along with Cala Violina – located between Follonica and Punta Ala – and the evocative and rough Cala Martina. Not to be missed is the Rocchette beach, ideal for families and famous for the Rocca Medicea, a fort built in the twelfth century.

What to do

  • Wander through the alleys of Scarlino, an ancient village on Monte D’Alma.
  • Visit the Archaeology and Mining Park of Colline Metallifere (Metalliferous hills)
  • Shopping at artisan markets in Via Martiri della Niccioleta
  • Experience the lively night life of this coastal town

Interesting facts

Apparently, Cala Violina beach owes its name to its fine sand. When walking on it, you will hear a gentle sound similar to the sound of a violin.

Isola d'Elba

If we had to summarise Elba Island with one word, this would certainly be “variety”. This tiny island features in fact over 130 beaches and a multitude of different landscapes. Cavoli beach is a vast beach with a shallow and sandy seabed. La Biodola beach is ideal for snorkelling lovers while Enfola is ideal for a day of relax. Other popular beaches are Fetovia, Secchetto and the Ghiaie.

What to do

  • Full tour of the island
  • Trek to Monte Capanne, at a height of 1019 metres and enjoy the view of the Tuscan archipelago.
  • Visit the small historical village of Sant’Ilario.
  • Visit the old iron mines in Rio Marina

Interesting facts

At the Ghiaie, there are some dark stains on the beach. According to ancient beliefs, the Argonauts took a break on the island, the spots on the beach were supposedly created by their sweat.


visita Piombino
Located in between Baratti and Follonica Gulfs, Piombino is a lively costal town with plenty of beaches for everyone’s tastes: from Pontedoro beach, where you can admire fisherman’s nests along the tiny river to the trendy Calamoresca beach. If you prefer rocky beaches, the Fosso alle Canne would be the ideal spot.

What to do

  • Enjoy the panoramic view from the spectacular Piazza Bovio
  • Trekking in the Val di Cornia Parks
  • Visit the ancient Castle and its Museum and discover the history of Piombino

Interesting facts

Piombino was given the epithet of “little Paris” when Elisa Bonaparte – Napoleon’s sister – was granted the ownership of the town. Her commitments in the urban development of Piombino had great results, as reflected in the epithet given to the town.

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