What to do at Podere Nonno Gino

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Activities for your holidayon the Costa degli Etruschi


Podere Nonno Gino is located in Franciana area, right in the middle of the traditional Costa degli Etruschi. You can spend your time discovering the appeal of the Tuscan Maremma, between archaeological sites and natural parks or enjoying the sun on the white sandy beaches.


The area features 4 natural parks, 2 archaeological parks, a documentation centre and 3 museums, all showing the variety of the local wildlife as well as the Etruscan heritage and the ancient activities of extraction and production of metals typical of the area.


The area has plenty of activities to offer for the sporty types as well.


Podere Nonno Gino is located in the rugged costal region of Costa degli Etruschi. The area is known worldwide for its mediaeval villages, gentle hills and long strips of beach. Here the culture meets the exuberant nature and wildlife, making it the ideal point where to start exploring the history and beauty of this charming region.


Tuscany is the cradle of Italian culture as well as culinary traditions. The area, famous for wine production (especially the DOCG of Val di Cornia) features many wine cellars opened to public visits and tastings from early spring to September. The so-called Strada del Vino (Wine Route) that stretches from Campiglia Marittima and Suvereto to San Lorenzo and Monteverdi, is a must-do for any wine enthusiasts. The culinary tradition, with a variety of dishes to suit everyone’s tastes, will not disappoint you. Typical products of the areas are game, such as wild boar, and vegetables such as spinach and violet artichoke. Seafood, octopus and the famous Cacciucco (traditional seafood stew) are also part of the local traditions and available especially during summer months. On summer the best way to experience the vast culinary tradition of the area is attending the so-called “sagre”, local traditional festivals based around one or more culinary specialities.


Leave stress at home and relax your body and mind in the several thermal spas present in the area and within easy reach from Podere Nonno Gino. Discover here Tuscany long tradition of wellbeing.


The area surrounding Podere Nonno Gino offers great fun and activities for families, kids and adults with many entertainments and water parks.

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